2017 Candidate Event
The Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organizations, ABCO,  2017 Fall  Candidates' event will be held on Monday, October 16, 2017; beginning 1/2 hour earlier,  at 7:00 PM.  
We have taken the opportunity to extend invitations to all candidates running for office representing Brookhaven; both at Suffolk County and Brookhaven Town through the political party chairpersons, and those candidates that have contacted us directly for info on our event.   Invited candidates for elected offices include the Brookhaven Town Supervisor and Town Council, Town Clerk and Highway Superintendent as well as the candidates for Suffolk County Legislature representing Brookhaven, legislative districts; as well as the candidates for the Suffolk County District Attorney and Sheriff.
The the event will be held at: 
The “Old” Coram Firehouse 
303 Middle Country Road
 Coram, NY.
The rules are simple.  No placards, signs or surrogates are permitted.  Candidate literature can be placed on a table near the door distribution and or pick-up by the public.
Each candidate will have a maximum of three minutes to introduce themselves. Then we proceed quickly to questions from the floor through the ABCO Executive Board.  Questions can be directed at all candidates or just the specific candidates for a specific office.  There will be a maximum two minutes allotted for direct responses, and any and all rebuttal is limited to one minute. 
ABCO reserves the right to limit a response should the subject be deemed fully exhausted or outside and/or beyond the scope of issues relevant to the issues of the November election. As usual, our Time Keeper will warn candidates when 30 seconds and 15 seconds remain, and when time is up.
We look forward to an interesting and informative evening. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the 16th.
MaryAnn Johnston, President
The Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organizations, Inc.
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